The ancient Egyptian coffin texts : spells 1-1185 & indexes by Raymond O Faulkner

By Raymond O Faulkner

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So BIOCb; tautologically expanded in the other texts. 7. The spellings of ~dw(w) with doubled din BloC c and BI Y may well be genuine variants, cf. ~d and ~dd 'sleep'. See also 212a. 8. A clear allusion to the Last Judgement. 9. Possibly the guardians of the gates of the Netherworld. 10. A long omission in BloC c• II. BI2C and BI3C, possibly also BIY, append the demonstrative (i)pn 'these' to sbw 'meals' and to srl)w 'dignities'. BIOCb adds 'against these god's offerings', somewhat tautologically, since 'meals' have already been mentioned.

3. ::a. 4. e. the deceased. 5. ::a ; L2Li mispells it; BI2a has the plural 'spirits'; TIL (both texts) omits the invocation 'to the gods' and reads 'this young god, a god-like spirit'. 6. Varr. B3L : 'whom Osiris has made into his beloved son'; BI2ca: 'whom Osiris has made' and ends; B I 3C has confused S] and Gb; L2Li has => for ~. 7. B3 Bo and B4L if. corruptly : 'his child'. L2Li attaches sgtyfto the preceding clause. 8. TIL (both texts) and L2Li : 'to whom praise is given' ; B4L if. 'the sailor (of the boat of the sun) to whom praise is given'.

Apparently imperatives addressed to the denizens of the Beyond by the officiating priest. BI3C adds: 'of heaven'. 3. The various writings of sr here suggest that the scribes were in doubt as to the meaning ; I. 2. 39 'foretell' makes no sense. The writing ~ ~ appears to be the most correct; it is not allotted a meaning in Wb. , but here and in CTI, 211a ; 40¥,srwJtn appears to mean 'show the way to', while in 229d the verb is used of 'showing' the crowns. The frequently occurring giraffe-sign is common to both verbs sr, and may be a phonogram rather than a determinative.

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