The Religion of The Good Life, Zoroastrianism by Sir Rustom Masani

By Sir Rustom Masani

Ritual, doctrine and historical past of Zoroastrianism - an historical faith that maintains to maneuver men's minds.
The note of the prophet Zoroaster -"Zarathushtra" within the Iranian - used to be the sunshine of the realm; his teachings stimulated pagan Greek and Roman, in addition to Jew, Christian, and Moslem.
In this quantity Sir Rustom Masana, a uncommon Parsi - one of many closing contributors of this impressive sect - recounts the lifetime of the prophet and describes the history, doctrine, and formality of the creed. Soroastrianism teaches that the last word controlling will within the Universe is sweet and that stable will succeed if guy resists evil. not like many different religions, it rejects asceticism and exults within the energetic fight opposed to evil. Its useless are disposed of as carrion to be plucked by means of vultures. Its ritual, with overtones of fireside worship, honors Ahura Mazda, the single God. This e-book demonstrates Zoroastrianism's carrying on with energy to excite the fashionable brain.

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Who generator determined the path of the sun and stars ? Who (has the first ordained) that the O moon shall Wise One, and yet more, "This I ask Thee, tell wax and wane? All wish to know/* this, I me truly, O Lord: Who upheld the earth beneath and the heavens (above) The Religion of the Good Life 40 from (created) water and plants? horses to the wind and clouds? Who, yoked the two O Wise One, Mind)? "This Who Who falling? is the creator of Vohu Manah (Good O Lord: Who ask Thee, tell me truly, and darkness?

Will Asha all (Righteousness) and its works render help (at the Dost Thou assign power through Vohu Manah? For whom hast Thou made this earth the producer of last)? joy? O ask Thee, tell me truly, Ahura! " O ask Thee, tell me truly, Ahura! " Ahura Mazda $5 "I will speak forth; hear and hearken, now, ye from near and ye from afar, that desire instruction. Now Him observe Never manifest. e. " Mazda you what is best in this life. which He has created. all Asha knows through things Manah He is the Father of Vohu (the Good Mind).

The conversion was followed by that of the queen king's and of the courtiers. After this it was smooth sailing for the great Teacher. Once established, the throughout however, supposed, denounced customs preach in the the new religion spread rapidly and other lands. Iran false It must not be and and evil beliefs, superstitions Zarathushtra was allowed to that while he vogue, creed unmolested. new attacked His growing success spelt disaster for the wicked chiefs and hypowho preyed upon the ignorance and critical priests credulity of the people.

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