The twin in the transference by Vivienne Lewin

By Vivienne Lewin

The common phantasy of getting a dual originates in our earliest relational studies. This booklet is ready twins and twinning procedures. The lifestyles of a precise dual, alive or useless, might be skilled as an embodiment of the phantasy of getting a dual, with developmental outcomes. Twinning procedures in twins bring about the production of an inner dual dating that's enduring. the dual courting could be on the narcissistic finish of the spectrum resulting in an enmeshed twinship, or it can be a extra mature item dating. All dual relationships could be occur within the transference courting with the analyst.

The dual transference has been principally overlooked within the psychoanalytic literature, to the detriment of our knowing of dynamic strategies in dual sufferers. during this e-book, case fabric is used to discover the character of the dual transference courting and the need of studying the dual transference, in addition to maternal and paternal transference relationships.

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The libidinal and destructive narcissistic states of mind exist side by side and their primary purpose is to hide the awareness of envy and destructiveness that is stimulated by the need for an external object. In twins, 16 The Twin in the Transference a narcissistic twinship protects them from awareness of the need for a parent. I think it is important to distinguish between a narcissistic state of mind, as experienced in the early infant-mother relationship and the creation of the breast as a phantasy twin, and on the other hand, the development of a narcissistic organization or twinship as described above.

In a situation where the external object engages in a similarly narcissistic way, the resultant relationship between the two protagonists will itself become a narcissistic system. This would occur between twins or other immature external objects, in contrast with a more mature containing relationship that mother is perhaps more able to provide. The early infantile mechanisms of splitting the object and ego preserve the good internal object from attack by separating love and hate (Klein, 1946). In a narcissistic relationship both good and bad parts of the self may be projected into the object, and the narcissistic object is then loved or hated depending on whether it contains the good or bad parts of the self.

Destructive narcissism is based on hostility to object relations and the wish to annihilate the separate identity of the loveobject, the aim being destructive rather than defensive. While neither type is encountered in pure form, one type will be predominant. The generational sameness of twins, their lack of maturity, and in MZ twins the particular similarities between them, create a situation in which splitting and projective identification may continue unabated without the interference of a mature container.

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